Performing Saturday June 10th at the Best Western Hotel, Brantford, Outside Patio. 7pm-9pm.

Performing THIS Saturday at Al Dente Restaurant, 250 King George Rd. 7:30pm-10pm. Peaceful Easy Feeling Music

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LEAN SWEET ’16 – Health & Wellness FIT Fest

LEAN SWEET ’16 Health, Weight Loss & Fitness LOVE-IN FIT FEST!!! MARK IT ON YOUR CALENDARS. Saturday January 9th — Give YOURSELF the gift of Motivational, Movement & Music…

Come on out and see for yourself what over 5000 people have experienced in 2015…the EPIC Interactive Inspiration of Joan Minnery & her FITabulous Health Management Team!!! Find out for yourself why the book Walking My Way Back To Me is in the hands of thousands of people, why their Zumba and Line Dancing classes are jammed packed and why people everywhere are grasping the I AM concept of Self-Love & FITspiring Communities to Put Down The Fork & Get Moving!!!
Saturday January 9th, 9am – 11:30am, Mt. Pleasant Community Centre, 771 Mt. Pleasant Road, Mount Pleasant Ontario. $5/person.
See event page for ALL details.

LEAN SWEET ’16 – Motivational Morning with Joan Minnery

Come and experience what over 5,000 people across Ontario are cheering & raving about. A very rare Home Town OPEN forum where we Put Down The Fork, Get Moving, Get Back To Basics, Shoot from the Hip, Hold Nothing Back, Speak Openly & Honestly, Laugh, Cry, Hug, Dance and UNITE for a LOVE-IN — FIT FEST!!!

Joan Minnery Enterprises in conjunction with the Mt. Pleasant Optimist Club proudly presents

Dynamic & Interactive Inspirational Presentation With A Music Flare

Spend a FITabulous morning with Joan Minnery
Motivational Speaker, Health/Fitness Advocate, Entertainer and Author of the book Walking My Way Back To Me.

Saturday January 9th
Mt. Pleasant Community Centre
711 Mt. Pleasant Road, Mt. Pleasant ON
9:00am – 11:30am
KEJO Fitness Workout: 9am
Motivational Presentation: 10am
Author Meet & Greet/Book Signing: 11am
$5/person: Light Refreshments Included
For tickets please call Janie Hart @ 519-759-1587
Sponsored by the Mt. Pleasant Optimist Club

*Comfortable workout wear is recommended. You do NOT need to attend fitness class to attend. All ages welcome*


You Amazing Interview About My Book 

This is FABULOUS — thanks so much!!! I was recently interviewed by Rose Brighton, international freelance journalist originally hailing from Niagara-On-The-Lake, Ontario. Here’s some of the article she’s writing….SO exciting!!! An interview with Joan Minnery, Canadian author of the book Walking My Way Back To Me.

What is your book Walking My Way Back To Me about?

Many are discovering what my story really means, and how it applies to them. It’s not just a book about weight loss. It’s my autobiography — my life story of fame, success, bullying, hardships, domestic abuse, family happiness/tragedy; with the behind the scenes suffering of a person in the spotlight, and the truth behind the story. Walking My Way Back To Me is about how I reclaimed my life and fought my way back to me (and ultimately to my son). I don’t think I was actually walking; I believe at times I grew wings and freaking flew!!!”

YOU must have a back story?  Of course I do. Walking My Way Back To Me is a love story. Make that a love story trilogy; I’ll break it down into three parts. 1. A mother’s unconditional love for her son, and her controversial quest to take a very unique stand to save the life of her son’s mom. 2. A woman whose heart had been pulled through the eye of a needle and unexpectedly finding her Blue Sky. 3. Total 100% SELF LOVE!!! It’s a very raw hauntingly honest autobiography of living on the large side of life; featuring the truth behind how I successfully transformed my once poisoned body from a sob story into a successful adventure novel.

Is there a lesson you want your readers to learn?  As with any addiction, weight loss is all about choices. It’s very simple really. Healthy Eating + Movement = Success. YOU have to make the choice. YOU choose what to put into your body and how YOU treat your body. You either spend your life sitting in the waiting room at medical facilities and buying medication to soothe your ailments OR you spend your life walking along the river and buying running shoes. The choice is yours, it’s a no brainer. Biggest lesson: You’re either a host to your body or a hostage to it, the choice is up to you!!!

What is your advice for anyone starting out on a weight loss journey?  Never give up. Conceive, Believe Achieve. Everyone has a story.  You are the author. Be your own hero. Compose your own life song. And of course my own mantra: Put down the fork and get moving.

Why did you write Walking My Way Back To Me?  The most honest answer I can give is this one; because I was asked to write a book. I began doing motivational speaking very early on in my weight loss journey. The one constant request from the numerous groups and throughout the myriad of shows has been for me to write a book about my journey. The other reason and feasibly the most prolific one is to say THANK YOU.

You’ve had a great deal of success for a self-published author. Why do you feel your book has been so successful?  Quite honestly I believe the answer to that is within the pages. To put is simply it’s the right product, the right place, the right time, the right price, “priceless”, the right product placement, and most definitely, the right stuff!

You don’t have a publisher; to what do you attribute the sales of your book?  That’s an easy answer; it’s not what, it’s who: MY READERS, 100%.  We have been very blessed with people posting about our book on facebook and twitter and talking about it with their friends and so on. There’s also been a great amount of success through word of mouth, online reviews and lots of photographs on facebook of people reading it and taking selfies. Our book reviews been off the charts. Not only do I not have a publisher, I also don’t have a literary agent, or an agent of any kind, or a publicist. This is all been done through me, my family, friends and my amazing support system.

What was the hardest part about writing this book?  As odd as this may sound, the most difficult aspect of writing the book was in actually reading what I had written after it had been completed. I originally wrote from my head — systematic route memory of events. Upon reading the story, I was gobsmacked and overwhelmed with the raw intensity and the frankness of how I told my story. At times it was tough for me to relive many of those moments and then to have to deal with them emotionally. I am very proud of what I have written but it wasn’t easy choosing what to put into the book. There’s so much more to tell.

If you have more to tell does that mean you are working on a sequel?  Authors are always working on their next book. As for me I have quite a few book ideas for the future. However if you’re asking about a sequel we’ve decided not to write a follow up story to Walking My Way Back To Me. Rather, we’re going to be a live action theatre version of the book. We’re going to bring the story to life on stage in a musical adaptation.

WOW, that’s incredible and very unique.  We will definitely be asking more questions about this project moves forward.

Well, it’s not unusual for me, giving the colorful character that I am. I feel that’s there’s so much more to tell. We’re casting for the musical over the Christmas holidays and hope to be in front of our first audiences in August 2016.

Where can we purchase a copy of Walking My Way Back To Me?  In Brantford they can be purchased at Serenity Country Candles located at 44 Holme Street in Holmedale. If you’re attending my Motivational Presentations, Zumba/Line Dance classes, we have copies with us all the time. Of course they can also be purchased on line through my website at or through

Final Thoughts?  I had no idea when we released this book a year ago that we’d have the overwhelming success that we have enjoyed. It’s been a tonic of rainbows and joy. There are so many people to thank and in doing so I may forget someone so suffice to say if you have my life in your hands, thank you. I am so very fortunate that my Dad lived long enough to see my dream come to reality and to experience 10 months with me as we would pack envelopes full of books on their way to Canada Post and watching his face as I came in with more boxes of books. I am grateful for all of the amazing graces being showered upon me by God and the abundance of blessings all around me. I am healthy, I am fit, I am happy, I wealthy but most of all I am alive. In the words of the man himself, “Thank You, Thank You Very Much.”

For anyone wishing to get in touch with Joan Minnery or purchase a copy of Walking My Way Back To Me, please contact
Joan Minnery

519-752-1694 / 519-771-5687

Twitter: @joanminnery OR @FatFitFree

Facebook: joanminnery OR WalkingMyWayBackToMe